New Book Acquisitions announced using Impulse

We have changed how we announce new books, both books and monographic journal issues. We now direct customers to the Impulse catalog where you will access links to the past four months of acquisitions. The first retrieval are journals issues that we catalog and then the books are listed in call number order.

We hope that this will be a useful tool to find the latest publications.

Remember to recommend books you think the National Jewish Staff will find useful.

Path to finding the New Book Acquisitions List:

On the Tucker Library Home Page, go to More Catalogs…

On the Catalogs page, click on New Book Acquisitions

On the New Book Acquisitions Page, click on Browse the List of new books and Journals…

This takes you to the Impulse catalog where you will see a list of searches. National Jewish’s search of our new books are called:

  • NJ – New Books List – Jan-Feb 2008
  • NJ – New Books List – Mar-Apr 2008

The first few pages will be journal issues that have been cataloged and after that, starting with the Q, the books are in call number, or subject, order.


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