Access to the UCD HSL E-Journals

Don’t look for e-journals in The Impulse Catalog for UCD HSL (formerly know as Dennison Library) E-Journals any more! The reasons are below.

Besides the tips below, use The Tucker Library E-Journal Finder. Input a PMID or DOI or use the “look up article” link. See if we have it. If we don’t and you have access to UCD HSL, click on their name under Step 2. They don’t have it, click on Interlibrary Loan form under step 3.

Or use the Find-It! button on PubMed or Ovid.

From the HSL Newsletter:

Removing e-journals from the online catalog
Effective June 1, library staff will begin phasing out e-journal records in the IMPULSE online catalog. Our Find Journals portal is the place to go for access to all library journals.

Why are we no longer cataloging e-journals? As access to e-journals ballooned from several thousand to more than 30,000 titles over the past few years, it simply became too costly and labor intensive to maintain e-journal records in the Impulse catalog and in the Find Journals database. Anecdotal evidence and statistics show that most library users prefer the simplicity and ease of using Find Journals.

What’s the difference between accessing journals via the Find Journals portal and the IMPULSE catalog?

  • Find Journals includes ALL of the library’s 30,000+ journals – print and online; records are continually updated
  • IMPULSE includes all print journals but only a fraction of the library’s e-journals; records are no longer maintained so many have become inaccurate

Enjoy the benefits of fast, accurate access to 30,000+ e-journals via Find Journals! Search for journal titles directly at Find Journals OR using the Search box on our home page (type the title in the Search box, click the “Journal Titles” radio button, and click “Search”). You can also browse journals by subject and by publisher/provider at Find Journals.


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