Faculty of 1000 Biology Available to Scientists

Faculty of 1000 Biology is the next generation literature awareness tool.

It is an online research service that comprehensively and systematically highlights and reviews the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of well over 2300 selected leading researchers (“Faculty Members”). (Shouldn’t it be called the faculty of 2300?)

Faculty of 1000 Biology is run by scientists for scientists and provides a rapidly updated consensus map of the important papers and trends across biology.

Faculty of 1000 Biology:

  • Provides scientists with a continuously updated insider’s guide to the most important papers within any given field of research
  • Highlights papers on the basis of their scientific merit rather than the journal in which they appear
  • Offers the researcher a consensus of recommendations from well over 2300 leading scientists
  • Systematically organizes and evaluates the mass of information within scientific literature
  • Offers an immediate rating of individual papers by the authors’ peers, and an important complement to the indirect assessment provided by the journal impact factor.

You can get a flavor of Faculty of 1000 Biology by “taking a tour”of the site and looking at the Key Features.

Use of this resource has been adequate but if you are a user, recommend it to your friends and colleagues and announce it at meetings to ensure it will not be canceled due to lack of use!


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