PubMed Full Text Link – Use Expanded

Are you using the Correct URL to access PubMed? To make the most of access to e-journals, use the URL to PubMed available on the Tucker Library Home Page.

If you have a bookmark for PubMed, check to see that it is using the Correct URL.


This famous Correct URL has changed! So check your bookmarks and fix it!

This is now the Correct URL:

Note >>> njclib is there twice, so that your access to e-journals is fully available to you.

Note >>> _fft – This is the new designation. Now the blue Full Text icon will appear for every Free Full Text (fft) article in the database. No more searching the publisher’s icon for the word “free.” The Blue icon will take you there.

Review of PubMed Icons

>>> Click to directly access an article the Tucker Library subscribes to, or that is free from the publisher.

>>> Click to access the Article Linker to find more free and subscribed articles, check the holdings of UCD HSL, or order an interlibrary loan.

>>> This indicates we hold the article in our print journal collection. If you click on it, it will tell you the holdings, but doing that just tells you the same thing you already know. Come to the library and copy the article. At the library copy machine you can make a print or PDF copy.


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