Mini Med: Medical School to the Community

Improve Your Understanding of the Human Body through a Free 8 Week Class

Sponsored by the University of Colorado Denver’s Anschutz Medical Campus

Mini Med 2009 will start on Wednesday 16 September and run for 8 consecutive Wednesdays, ending 4 November. The program begins at 7 PM, with a hour’s lecture followed by time for questions & answers.

Register Here:

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Contact UCD-AMC.

No Tuition! No papers to write! No reading assignments! And best of all, No tests!

Maybe you barely survived high school biology and, as time whizzes by, feel lost in the terminology, the technology, and the treatments that the medical profession is using these days.  Perhaps you’re a science buff who wants a refresher course.  Maybe you wish you had chosen a medical career.  Well, now you can!

The Mini Med School program is each Wednesday from 7pm – 8:30 pm. This popular lecture series was founded in 1989 by J. John Cohen M.D., Ph.D, Professor of Immunology and Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver, and has been copied around the world.  The Mini Med School is a free, non – accredited, eight week program.  The lectures will be video broadcast from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science promptly at 7pm, and you can attend there or at one of the many distance sites around the state.  You won’t get a medical degree, nor can you practice medicine, but you will get the background, the overviews, and the updates that can make all the pieces of the biomedical puzzle fall into place.  Each class includes an hour presentation on the evening’s topic, followed by an opportunity to ask questions.  The program covers the basic science that underlies medicine.  Topics such as molecular and cell biology, anatomy and physiology, immunology, cancer and pharmacology, pathology and microbiology will be covered.  Taught by experts in their field, these great CU lecturers are chosen for their ability to make the technical language of medicine understandable.  By attending 6 of the 8 weeks you’ll receive a diploma!



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