Connect with Colleagues: is a Web 2.0 example of a mashup of MEDLINE data. It is a form of social networking where you are linked with all your co-authors and then their co-authors, and then theirs. The same can be done with subjects or institutions. Looking for someone at Johns Hopkins writing about asthma drug therapy? You might find that person here.

As an example, I have 8 papers and 7 co-authors who have written more than the one paper. They have 154 co-authors and those people have 3890 co-authors. Potentially I could contact those 3890 people to see if they would like to collaborate on a project! They are connected to me. I probably won’t do that but I could!

I would be interested in exploring this resource with any scientist who is interested, to see if it would be useful and how it could be used.

Roz Dudden, x 1483

From the FAQ:

What is BioMedExperts (BME)?

BioMedExperts (BME) is a revolutionary platform to allow scientists and researchers across multiple organizations – and nations – to share data and collaborate in ways never before possible.

Is BME free?

Yes! Every feature and function you currently see on the site is FREE. In the future, BME will be supported by advertising. In addition, BME may add paid Premium Services, but all the features and functions you have currently been enjoying on the BME site will remain FREE!

How did you establish my original connections in the network?

Original network connections were generated from a disambiguation (definition: The process of rewriting or reconstructing a sentence or phrase so that one of its possible meanings is singled out) process that uses co-authors, locations, and Collexis proprietary Fingerprint technology, a valuable research tool already employed by organizations such as Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, and the National Institutes of Health.

How was my profile created/generated?

Profiles in BioMedExperts (BME) are generated by extracting and assigning the biomedical concepts from an article to the authors and co-authors that are listed with the published article. We have extracted from approximately six million scientific publications from over 6,500 journals. BME currently contains profiles of about 1.4 million biomedical experts from more than 150 countries, representing approximately 12 million connections in the pre-established BME network. BME experts can access the system to revise and/or update their personal details, publications, and/or preferences.

Which sources of documents/contents did you use to make my initial profile?

Profiles in BioMedExperts (BME) were automatically generated from the last 10 years of published articles in PubMed, a leading, authoritative service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 17 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. We chose only 10 years to cover a more active timeframe and to more accurately represent current experts.

How does BME know where I am located? Or where I work?

BioMedExperts does not know exactly where you are located but it does know where you have been active by extracting the country and city of the institution for which you have published. BioMedExperts does not know where you work but it does extract the city from institutions for which you have been active.

I am professionally working in the medical field but I have not published. Can I still join BME?

Yes, you will be able to join BioMedExperts but you will not be able to build a profile. You can build your own contact network by linking yourself to active members of the BME network through the “Add to my contacts” button available on BME expert profiles.


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