Science Translational Medicine – Free Trial

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is pleased to announce that the full text of Science Translational Medicine is available online at

If more than 15 people show an interest in this journal by e-mailing the library staff to say that they think we should get it, the Tucker Library may be able to subscribe to it in 2010.


Science Translational Medicine is a weekly journal devoted to original research and other issues of strong interest to the translational medicine community. Translational medicine topics suitable for submission include any original research findings, discussions or analyses that move the field closer to the goal of improving human health, or the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Science Translational Medicine contains the full content of each issue of the journal, including all figures and tables, beginning with its inaugural issue, published October 7, 2009 (Volume 1, Issue 1).

Sneak preview of October 2009 articles:

  • Chief Scientific Adviser Elias Zerhouni’s views on the importance of translational medicine
  • A commentary from William Crowley, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, on how academic medical centers can reinvent themselves to become engines for translational progress and ultimately improved patient care
  • A research paper from leading institutes in France and England reporting results of studies in nonhuman primates that pave the way for clinical trials with patients with Parkinson’s Disease

This journal will be on free trial from the publishers until December 23, 2009.

The full Price is $3,280. For 2010, there would be an early adopter discount and it would cost $1,640.

Due to continuing budget cuts, the Tucker Library will probably not be buying this journal for 2010. The Library committee will be considering it. But we thought you would like to see this new journal from a major publisher.

Email Roz Dudden if you think we should get this journal or make a comment below.


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