DeepDyve. Research. Rent. Read.

DeepDyve is an online rental service for scientific, technical and medical research with over 30 million articles from thousands of authoritative journals. The DeepDyve user can rent an article and read its full-text for up to 24 hours for as little as $0.99. These articles can only be viewed at DeepDyve and cannot be downloaded, printed or shared. The user also has the option of choosing the Silver or Gold monthly plans. These plans provide even greater flexibility by allowing you to easily rent more articles per month, for longer periods of time.

DeepDyve has aggregated millions of articles from leading, peer-reviewed journals that are often hard to find using other search engines. Their KeyPhrase search technology could be considered a new technology. No need to find the right two or three words to express what you want. You can copy a sentence, paragraph or even an entire document to find all the related articles without a lot of extraneous results. You’ll be able to read the first page of any article to get an overview of what’s inside.

Some of the articles in DeepDyve are “open-access” and marked as “Free” for any user to read. “Premium” articles, that often have an annual subscription or pay-per-view fee, can conveniently be rented from DeepDyve. When you find a Premium article, simply click on the rental button. “Rent” a Premium article for $0.99.

Every article in the results list indicates whether the article is Free, Preview Only, or for Rent for $0.99. By clicking on the title you are taken to a page where you can download the free articles, see the preview, or rent the article. All of these choices also have a link to see the “Original Article on Publisher’s Site.” If NJH Tucker Library owns the article, you will be able to get the article downloaded. It is recommended to always try this link before renting. If a publisher charge window comes up at the publisher’s site, affiliated users can still take that information to UCDenver HSLibrary Find Journals page and see if they own it. NJ Staff can get the article on interlibrary loan for $5.

The user can subscribe to one of DeepDyve’s monthly plans. If you’re an active reader or want the convenience and peace of mind of renting many articles without having a 24 hour expiration period, then you can consider one of the following plans:

  • Silver Plan:
    • $9.99 per month Rent up to 20 articles per month
    • Articles are viewable for up to 7 days
  • Gold Plan:
    • $19.99 per month Rent an unlimited number of articles per month
    • Articles are viewable for an unlimited amount of time

First time users will be asked to set up a DeepDyve account when choosing to rent for the first time. After completing a few quick steps, you will have rented the article. Read the article as often as you like for the next 24 hours. Because you are renting the article, as opposed to purchasing (you or the Tucker Library) and downloading it, you can only view the article from DeepDyve’s website. Some of DeepDyve’s articles are “Preview Only.” DeepDyve does not currently have permission from the publisher to rent these articles.

Other features of the DeepDyve site include:

  • Get personalized suggestions on your MyDeepDyve home page. Using the Settings feature located at the upper-right portion of the screen, you can add or update the words or phrases that describe the Topics that interest you. DeepDyve will then automatically update your MyDeepDyve page each day with suggested articles based on your topic descriptions.
  • Copy entire sentences, paragraphs, and even complete articles as your query. No need to come up with the perfect 2-3 words. Simply paste an interesting article into the search bar and click search.
  • Find related information for every article by clicking the “More Like This” button on the search results page or any article page.
  • Bookmark and save your favorite articles. They will then be displayed on your MyDeepDyve home page for easy access.
  • Receive Email or RSS Alerts. From your search results screen, you can click Email Alerts or RSS Alerts. Your search query will automatically run in the background and deliver new results to you each day at your preferred destination.

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