PubGet – Read before you download.

National Jewish Health Tucker Medical Library has recently teamed up with Pubget to give you another access point to the millions of biomedical articles. Instead of search results linking to papers, such as you find in PubMed or Ovid, with Pubget, the search results are the papers, if the NJH Tucker Library owns them. You can preview them without downloading them, or save, manage, and share them—all online. You can also download and save multiple PDFs with one click.

Pubget was created in 2007 by a research scientist at Harvard, who was frustrated with how long it took to get to journal PDFs. Now this free tool serves over 100,000 scientists at over 150 schools around the world –and now National Jewish has joined the group.

Features to try:

  • Perform advanced searches in PubGet using any PubMed or Google Scholar field tag. This page explains the search commands:
  • Turn any search into an RSS feed and keep updated via your favorite reader. Just click on the RSS icon.
  • Customize your “Latest Issues” and keep up on the contents of the latest journal issues every time you log in.
  • Keep your lab’s published works up to date. Search with your name add the Pubget Widget to your lab page or blog (with a little HTML knowledge!):
  • Download the Firefox Plugin so you can download papers in bulk:
  • Use the tool, PaperPlane, to get access to multiple PDFs in PubGet when you are searching in PubMed.
  • Get a list of PMIDs, separate them with commas and paste them in the search bar.

Pubget is free of charge to users at National Jewish Health. Learn more about getting started here (link to video) or just start searching now at:

This is a beta test version and already bugs have been found when using with the Mac. It is supposed to be compatible with Macs and Windows. It is also not compatible with versions of I.E. (6 and back).

Help screens can be found at:


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