Accessing Databases on Your Smart Phone

Several of the library’s databases are now available on mobile platforms! This is great news for a few reasons. Using your mobile device, you can now:

  1. Access certain resources off-campus.
  2. Retrieve information efficiently when you’re away from your desktop.
  3. Access popular resources with one tap, by saving resources as “apps” on your phone’s desktop.

The following resources are currently available on mobile platforms for all NJH employees:


STAT!Ref – available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry

What it is: A collection of medical dictionaries, calculators, peer-reviewed evidence summaries on clinical topics written by the American College of Physicians (the database of evidence summaries is known as ACP PIER).

Use it to: Calculate the malignancy risk of solitary pulmonary nodules presenting in radiologic images.

Find the latest news on a topic, like COPD – including published or cited articles, health alerts, and “articles of interest,” added by field experts.

How to get it: Download the free app here (free to NJH employees).


MDConsultMD Consult – available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry

What it is: A collection of reference textbooks, full text journals, clinical review articles, drug information tools, and color images.

Use it to: Find a high-quality images and diagrams for presentation, like a diagram of the cytokines involved in asthma

Print patient education hand-outs on conditions like celiac disease.

How to get it:

  1. Access MD Consult on campus, from a desktop computer.
  2. Create an account, using the link in the UPPER RIGHT of MD Consult’s homepage.
  3. After submitting your personal account info, log out on your desktop.
  4. Go to on your mobile device.

DynaMed DynaMed: available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry

What it is: A collection of disease-based evidence summaries, organized by clinical category (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, etc.), and calculators, including decision trees and medical equations.

Use it to: Get quick overviews (and the resulting evidence rankings) of treatment efficacy trials and studies, like the evidence on alpha-1 antitrypsin augmentation therapy.

How to get it: Contact the library to get an individual log-in code and download the app from your device’s marketplace or app store.





LexiComp: available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm

What it is: A pharmacology resource that includes drug identification tools, compatibility and contraindication databases, and patient education handouts for adult, pediatric, and neonatal drugs.

Use it to: Identify an unknown pill, using imprint and physical characteristic information.  Look up interactions between prescribed drugs and natural/alternative medicine supplements.

How to get it:

  1. Access Lexicomp on campus through the Library’s homepage (under Quick Links).
  2. Click on “Mobile App Access” on the right.
  3. Select your mobile device from the drop-down menu.
  4. Use the Product Code provided and your NJH email address to register for a mobile account.
PubMed Mobile
PubMed: PubMed has a mobile-enhanced interface.  Visit it through any mobile browser for quick searches of the biomedical and health literature.
Tip 1: Enter PubMed through the library’s homepage (under Quick Links) to get links to NJH’s full text options.
Tip 2: Save a quick link to PubMed on your phone’s desktop by clicking on your bookmarking preferences, then “Add to Home Screen.”

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