Featured Mobile Resources: Anatomy and Cardiology

For $25, download Braunwald’s Heart Disease Practice Guidelines, a collection of evidence-based, clinical guidelines for cardiology conditions.  Browse conditions by category, skim information quickly, and highlight or bookmark results.  Available through iTunes and Android’s app store.

**NOTE:  The library provides full access to Braunwald’s Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine.  Access it through MD CONSULT.

At a very reasonable price of $80, you can download the complete 2012 version of Gray’s Anatomy.  The online version features full-color, zoom-able images and the ability to hide image labels so you can test yourself.  You can also take notes and search the entire volume for keywords.  Available through iTunes  and Android’s app store.

Netter’s Anatomy Atlasis also available from iTunes for a similar price, $90.  Netter’s online textbook features similar options, like hiding image labels and taking notes.  Netter’s also includes USMLE board prep questions and interactive graphics.  Available through iTunes or Android’s app store.


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