Make it Easier – Systematic Review Software

With thousands of health-sciences papers published each week, the task of cumulative assessment can be daunting.  Our researchers and doctors at National Jewish Health frequently participate in writing groups that systematically review and assess the status of medical knowledge on certain health conditions.

This review process often involves rating the evidence of hundreds of papers and studies, combining the findings with clinical experience and patient interests to make evidence based recommendations.

DistillerSR is one tool that might help streamline the review process.  It allows multiple users to document their review process with customizable inclusion/exclusion check boxes for all studies, all in a single online interface.  It also creates reports that are easy to export to office software, like Word and Excel.  If you are a reviewer in need of a more stream-lined grading process, check out this solution.

For other work-flow suggestions and assistance with systematic review or guideline literature searches, please contact Shandra Protzko or Peggy Cruse at NJH’s Tucker Medical Library.


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