Expert EndNote Tip!

Recently, I was working on a project where I needed to sort EndNote records by publication type (the EN field, Type of Work). It’s simple enough to click on the the column header “Type of Work” and get it to sort alphabetically.  BUT only one type of work displays in the library window, even when a record is indexed with multiple publication types!

For example, this 2006 Perry article below has three metadata under “Type of Article” – Evaluation Study, Multicenter Study and Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t. – but only one displays in the window above. If I wanted to see the full “Type of Work/Article” display, I’d have to click on each record and look at its details, which is inefficient.



Now, I obviously could search the “Type of Work” field for specific categories, but I wanted to create discrete groups and be able to choose where an article that was labeled with multiple types of works would go. Rather than search every combination, it would be much easier to search for one type of work and be able to see when a result had multiple pieces of data in the display window.

THE FIX: EndNote’s “Find and Replace” command allows you to search a specific field and replace a carriage return (^p) with a period, eg.

  2. Select the field you want to search. (Type of Work)
  3. Enter your search and replacement criteria (From the “INSERT SPECIAL” drop-down, select “CARRIAGE RETURN”; then in the replace box, enter .  <period><space><space>)

And VOILA! I can now easily see, highlight and drag necessary references to groups!


A special thanks to the folks at EN’s customer support for suggesting this option. It saved me a ton of time 🙂


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