How Librarians Add Value to Health Care

In a 2013 multisite survey of 16,122 physicians, residents and nurses:

Three-fourths reported that they,

“handled some aspect of patient care differently as a result of information obtained from the library and information resources.”

Among the reported changes were:

advice given to the patient (48%)
diagnosis (25%)
choice of drugs (33%)
other treatment (31%)
tests (23%)

Respondents reported that the information allowed them to avoid the following adverse events:

patient misunderstanding of the disease (23%)
additional tests (19%)
misdiagnosis (13%)
adverse drug reactions (13%)
medication errors (12%)
patient mortality (6%)

Marshall JG, Sollenberger JF, Easterby-Gannett S, Kasner Morgan L, Kiem ML, Cavanaugh SK. The value of library and information services in patient care: resulst of a multisite study. J Med Lib Assoc. Jan 2013;101(1):38-46.


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