Incoming ATS President Stresses Importance of Clinical Scientists

At National Jewish Health, clinicians and researchers work together to discover innovative therapies to improve patient health. Our focus on personalized medicine and translational research is in line with incoming ATS President, Dr. Thomas Ferkol’s initiative to involve more “clinical scientists” in respiratory medicine.

MedPage today interviews Dr. Ferkol about this initiative.

“One of the difficulties that we’re seeing — we certainly see this in pediatric pulmonology and I’m afraid that we are a harbinger of things to come — is that there are fewer and fewer people who are going into the field and becoming physician scientists or clinical investigators,” he explained in an interview.

Now with technology to understand complex networks of genes, gene products, and environmental factors that influence lung health and disease “we are truly entering an era where we can unlock the mysteries of lung disease,” he told MedPage Today.

But “in order to really make this happen, we need to have pulmonary scientists and clinical investigators who can bring these discoveries from the bench to the bedside,” he said.

Read the full story.

Read about NJH’s research initiatives.

Thomas Ferkol, Jr., MD
Thomas Ferkol, Jr., MD

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