Scanning Documents with Your Mobile Device

This review of scanner-specific apps that are usable with minimal setup is excerpted from MLA News at

The three apps listed below allow scanned documents to be emailed from the app, along with uploading of the documents to a variety of cloud-based storage services with very little effort. This table provides a  breakdown of the functionality of the free versions of each app.

TurboScan is available for both Android and Apple devices. It is a basic multipage scanner. It is sufficient for simply scanning papers, receipts, or other text.

Genius Scan is available for both Android and Apple devices. This multifunction app does not require any registration with the free version, which unfortunately means that scanned documents are not automatically stored in the cloud and are only accessible on the device. The premium version ($6.99) does have the additional functions for cloud export and portable document format (PDF) imports.

CamScanner is also available for Android and Apple. This app offers all of the functionality of Genius Scan; however, it requires that the user register an account to use the app. The free account includes 200 megabytes of cloud storage for documents, while the paid version ($4.99 per month) allows 10 gigabytes of storage. With both the free and paid version, documents can also be accessed via the web. It has the ability to add a watermark on the document.

TurboScan CamScanner Genius Scan
Scan in B&W or color B&W only
Rotate the document
Export as JPG or PDF
Add metadata to document
Search by name of document
Search metadata
Has image correction B&W only
Add watermark
Annotate documents
Scan multiple pages
Registration required
Has cloud-based storage
Has web-based presence
Cost $1.99 Free with in app purchase Free with in app purchase

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