Directories of Datasets

Researchers looking for places to publish and manage data have a few options in the US Department of Health & Human Services Registry of Patient Registries, the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Datahub, and the German Research Foundation’s re3data.

resgistryofpatientregistriesThe Registry of Patient Registries allows registry owners to provide information “intended to promote collaboration, reduce redundancy, and improve transparency among registry holders.” The Agency for Healthcare Research and quality intends that this registry provides useful information for work involving

datahubFore more general datasets, Datahub is a CKAN-based tool that allows users to “browse and find the data they need, and preview it using maps, graphs and tables – whether they are developers, journalists, researchers, NGOs, citizens or your own colleagues.” Datahub also allows users to maintain their own datasets and to sign up to receive updates about datasets related to groups of interest.

re3datare3data is another option for storing and accessing data from a variety of academic fields. It offers a permanent storage solution for scholarly data and “promotes a culture of sharing, increased access and better visibility” of information.


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